a Welsh mine disaster

The Aberfan Tragedy

premonitions may have foretold a mine disaster

Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris Castle

the famous Welsh castle with its revolutionary design

The Bleeding House

The Bleeding House

unsettling experiences in an old English manor house

Conway Town Wall Toilets

Castle Toilets

one of the most important parts of a medieval castle

Cave of the Glowing Skulls

Cave of the Glowing Skulls

found in Honduras

Close Encounters with UFOs

Close Encounters with UFOS

three basic types

King Tut

Curse of Tut's Tomb

a factual look at a story created by the rumor mill

Rochester Castle

The Deadly Siege

a famous siege at Rochester Castle

A farm pond

A Drowning

a vision of a family tragedy from a past time

Nu-Pike Amusement Park

Elmer McCurdy

a bank robber was turned into a mummy for profit

Time Travel

Facts of Time Travel

what time travel really is (and isn't)

Floyd Collins

Floyd Collins

one of the most famous and tragic cave adventurers

Tips for Having a Close Encounter

Tips for Having a UFO Encounter

improving your chances

The Franklin Expedition

Franklin Expedition

an ill-fated trip to find the Northwest Passage

The Ghost Detective

The Ghost Detective

a real ghost hunter from the late 1800s

The Glencairn Ghost

The Glencairn Ghost

tragic, heartfelt tale about an Irish haunted house
Abbey House

The Haunting of Abbey House

a ghostly beast

Lascaux Cave

Hidden Treasure of Lascaux

a cave filled with art
The Jacksonville Treasure

The Jacksonville Treasure

ghost town treasure

The Lemon Grove Mummy

Lemon Grove Girl

a stolen mummy displayed at a California museum

Lindow Man

Lindow Man, Bog Body

the discovery of a now-famous bog body
Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

Lost Dutchman Mine

one of the most famous treasures of all
Far West Steamship

The Lost Treasure of the Bighorn River

a lost shipment of gold

King Edward I

Master James

one of the most famous castle builders of all time
Treasure of Clifford, Colorado

The Missing Treasure of Clifford, Colorado

from a stagecoach robbery
Mrs. Goodeve Ghosts

Mrs. Goodeve's Ghosts

three ghosts after midnight in a dark church

Mummy's Eyes

The Mummy's Eyes

a ghost story to give you the shivers

Nesyamun, Egyptian Mummy


an Egyptian mummy with a mysterious tongue

Pleading Ghost

Pleading Ghost of Johnny Minney

the tragic ghost of a young boy
Red River Treasure

Red River Treasure

a missing treasure left behind by bank robbers

The Titanic


could a Titanic passenger have been reincarnated?

Rosalia Lombardo

Rosalia Lombardo

one of the most perfectly preserved mummies

Sauchie Poltergeist

Sauchie Poltergeist

a classic story about a girl, her dog, and a poltergeist

Seafaring Ghost

A Seafaring Ghost

an accident on the high seas and a ghostly rescue

Serena's Ghost

Serena's Ghost

a family that didn't know how to investigate ghosts

Blacksmith of Kildrummy Castle

Siege of Kildrummy

the terrible fate of the castle blacksmith

Midnight Cave

Six Months Alone

one of the longest cave stays ever recorded

Types of UFOs

Types of UFO

stories about the UAP, the IFO, and the TRUFO

Titanic Mummy

The Titanic Mummy

was a cursed mummy aboard the ill-fated ship?

Tollund Man, Bog Body

Tollund Man

one of the most iconic bog bodies ever found

Time Travel Mistakes

Time Travel Mistakes

do you need a special machine to time travel?

The Petit Trianon

The Trianon Ghosts

a famous time travel and ghost story

Montvale NJ UFO

A UFO in Montvale NJ?

did three boys on a school playground see a UFO?