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Below you will find links to stories that I have written. Some stories come from published, mostly from mys earlier books for younger readers. Others come from unpublished manuscripts.


Castle Stories

The Siege of Kildrummy Castle -- a very short story about the aftermath of the siege at a Scottish castle and an unfortunate blacksmith

The Deadly Siege of Rochester Castle -- an account of one of the most famous castle sieges of all time

Master James of St. George, Castle Builder -- a short biography of the early career of Master James, considered by many to be the best castle builder of all

Beaumaris Castle, Master James's Masterpiece -- a description of the Welch castle, including its revolutionary but ultimately flawed design

A Few Words about Castle Toilets -- one of the most overlooked, but quite important, parts of a medieval castle


Cave Stories

Cave of the Glowing Skulls -- an account of the discovery of a Honduras cave filled with human bones

Floyd Collins: Trapped in Sand Cave-- one of the biggest and most tragic cave adventures ever reported

The Hidden Treasure of Lascaux Cave -- a visit to one of the most important caves ever found and now closed to most people

Six Months Alone in Midnight Cave -- an account of one of the most unusual--and longest--cave stays ever recorded


Ghost Stories

Serena's Ghost -- a ghost story about a family that didn't know how to investigate ghosts.

The Ghost Detective -- a ghost story about a real ghost detective from the late 1800s.

A Seafaring Ghost -- a story about an accident on the high seas and a ghostly rescue

The Bleeding House -- a family's unsettling experiences in an old English manor house

The Mummy's Eyes -- a story that gave my own children major shivers for a long time

The Glencairn Ghost -- a tragic tale about a haunted house in Ireland

< The Haunting of Abbey House -- an account of well-researched haunting in Cambridge, England

The Pleading Ghost -- a story about the ghost of a young boy

The Sauchie Poltergeist -- a poltergeist story from Scotland


Mummy Stories

The Lemon Grove Girl -- a sad story about stolen mummy displayed at a California museum

The Curse of King Tut's Tomb -- a factual look at a story created by the rumor mill

Lindow Man -- how a famous bog body was discovered and what it told scientists

The Mummy on the Titanic -- the truth about whether a cursed mummy was aboard the ill-fated ship

  Elmer McCurdy-- the story of a bank robber who was turned into a mummy for profit


Time Travel Stories

 The Aberfan Disaster -- a mine disaster in Wales may have been foretold by dreams and premonitions

A Drowning -- a story of a vision of a tragedy in a past time.

The Ghosts of the Trianon -- a famous story that combines both ghosts and time travel

 Reincarnation and the Titanic -- could someone who died on the Titanic have been reincarnated later?

The Facts About Time Travel -- this account describes what time travel really is (and isn't)

 Two Mistaken Ideas About Time Travel -- just what the title says


Treasure Stories

The Ghost Town Treasure -- a story about three boys and the unexpected treasure they found in a deserted building

The Red River Treasure -- an account about a missing treasure left behind by four bank robbers

The Lost Treasure of the Bighorn River -- a compelling story about a lost shipment of gold

Hunting for the Donner Party -- discovering information can be as rewarding as finding money

Treasure of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine -- a story bout one of the most famous treasures of all

The Missing Treasure of Clifford, Colorado -- a tale about the missing treasure from a stagecoach robbery


UFO Stories

Three Types of UFO -- A group of mini-stories that describe the three types of UFO: the UAP, the IFO, and the TRUFO

A UFO Possibility in Montvale, NJ -- A story about a three boys boot-skating on a school playground...until a UFO lands (or does it?

Three Types of Close Encounters -- Stories that explain the first three types of Close Encounters

A Close Encounter of the 4th Kind-- A fascinating story about a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind

Four Tips for a Close Encounter -- Four suggestions, supplemented with stories, for improving your chances to see a UFO

Three More Tips for a Close Encounter -- Three more suggestions to help you see a UFO

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