Cave storiesWhen I was eight years old, I was certain that space aliens had invaded my bedroom. I was trying to sleep one night, when I heard voices whispering near my bed.

I screamed for my parents. We looked everywhere but we couldn't find the source of the whispering. I tried to go back to sleep, but the whispering began again.

I don't know how many times my parents came to my bedroom that night, but we finally discovered that an old radio in my room that had always been broken had suddenly begun to work. The voices had been a radio announcer and singers -- not space aliens.

That terrifying experience left a lasting impression on me and helped create a lifelong interest in UFOs and alien life forms. I even researched and wrote a book about them: How to Catch a Flying Saucer. I interviewed UFO witnesses, visited UFO archives in both the US and UK, and drew some conclusions about UFOs.

Here are a few stories from the book.


Montvale NJ UFO

A UFO in Montvale?

did three boys see a UFO on a New Jersey playground?
Types of UFOs

Types of UFOs

stories about UAPs, IFOs, and TRUFOs
UFO Close Encounters

Close Encounters with UFOs

the first three kinds
Types of UFOs

What's What in UFOs

most commonly reported shapes of UFOs
Types of UFOs

Who's Who in UFOs

what witnesses have noted about their appearance
Types of UFOs

Possible UFO Missions

what witnesses have seen UFOs doing
Tips for UFO Encounter

Tips for having a UFO Encounter

improving your chances