Time Travel storiesOne of my favorite movies as a child was The Time Machine based on a book by H. G. Wells. It featured the green, meat-eating Morlocks who lived underground ruining the paradise the time traveler found in Earth's distant future.

Of course, Hollywood's idea of time travel (in The Time Machine and Back to the Future) is nothing like what scientists think could really happen. And some people claim to have traveled through time--without a machine. I researched this idea in my book How to Travel Through Time.

Here are a few stories from the book.



Aberfan Tragedy

The Aberfan Tragedy

premonitions may have foretold a mine disaster
A Drowning

A Drowning

a vision of a family tragedy from a past time
Time Travel Facts

Facts of Time Travel

what time travel really is
(and isn't)
The Titanic


could a Titanic passenger have been reincarnated?
Time Travel

Time Travel Mistakes

do you need a special machine to time travel?
The Petit Trianon

The Trianon Ghosts at Versailles

a classic time travel story