About the Book

If you've ever stared up at the night sky and spotted an object you didn't recognize, you might have seen a UFO.

From amazing eyewitness accounts to all kinds of UFO sightings from around the world, you'll learn what the experts have to say about those mysterious Unidentified Flying Objects.

Originally published in hardcover by Houghton Mifflin, this was my second book. The idea for the book originated from a childhood experience.

When I was eight years old, I was certain that space aliens had invaded my bedroom. I was trying to sleep one night, when I heard voices whispering near my bed.

I screamed for my parents. We looked everywhere but we couldn't find the source of the whispering. I tried to go back to sleep, but the whispering began again.

I don't know how many times my parents came to my bedroom that night, but we finally discovered that an old radio in my room that had always been broken had suddenly begun to work. The voices had been a radio announcer and singers -- not space aliens.

That terrifying experience left a lasting impression on me and helped create a lifelong interest in UFOs and alien life forms.

When I thought about writing my second nonfiction book, I followed up on this childhood obsession. I interviewed UFO witnesses, visited UFO archives in both the US and UK, and drew some conclusions about UFOs.


School Library Journal: "Just the ticket for budding UFOlogists."

Booklist: "A good, solid look at the UFO phenomenon."

Encounters: "Rather than promote a theory, Deem teaches careful observation, precise description, and critical thinking--the skills of scientists as well as detectives, writers, lawyers, doctors, and teachers."