About the Book

Have you ever known what your mother was going to say before she opened her mouth? 

Have you ever known who was calling before the phone even rang?

Have you ever had the same dream as someone else in your family?

Perhaps you have extra-sensory perception, or ESP.

Not everyone believes in ESP, but I wondered about it when I was young. I wondered how my parents could tell what I had just done that I shouldn't have done. All they had to do was look at me, and they knew what my crime had been. I figured they must have ESP, which enabled them to read my mind.

When I was older, I spent time researching the possibilities of ESP...and wrote How to Read Your Mother's Mind. In the book, you'll find out what is known, believed, and speculated about ESP. I've included true stories of people who claim to have had an ESP experience-- along with a series of experiments to test the ESP potential of you, your family, and your friends!


Nominated for the Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Children's Nonfiction Book, 1994

School Library Journal: "A fun, easy-to-read exploration of the sixth sense.... Kids wanting information on this subject will thank you for this book."

Booklist:"Deem does more than just give a flashy introduction to the topic of ESP. He is extremely evenhanded in his discussion and is obviously trying to make kids think hard about the topic and not just swallow tales of the supernatural."

Kirkus Reviews: "An entertaining and informative treatment of a fascinating subject.... A superb presentation.... Witty b&w cartoons on almost every page, many with dialogue and in comic strip format, further clarify the text."

Los Angeles Times:"...a sensible but lively approach to this thoroughly juicy topic...a playful approach to high-interest food for thought."