About the Novel

The Mystery Club of Luna Drive, a middle grade novel, was published online by the Maricopa County (AZ) Library District and was free for all readers for two years. The book was originally serialized: a new chapter appeared on the first of each month for a year, beginning October 1, 2003; the twelfth and final chapter appeared October 1, 2004. The book remained online until October 2005.

The Story: One hot September day in the middle of a monsoon, three sixth graders accidentally discover a strange and mysterious library in their old Phoenix neighborhood. There they find a refuge from their own problems as they become enveloped in a series of ever-deepening mysteries, involving Miss Moon, the inscrutable librarian of the Luna Drive Library.

The Neighborhood: The Luna Historic neighborhood near downtown Phoenix is one of the oldest areas of the city. Filled with old houses (and not a few vacant lots), the neighborhood may also be home to a few ghosts.

The Characters: Luz Lucero, Max Waters, and Dwight Underwood are the three sixth graders who share a number of traits: each one has just moved to their new neighborhood, each shares a sense of loss and loneliness as they try to fit in, and each loves a good mystery.


Mystery Club of Luna Drive

Dwight, Max, and Luz

Luz Lucero, the only child of a single mother. One of the most stubborn girls you'd ever want to meet, Luz tried hard to please her mother, but when her mother makes her mad, watch out! Luz decides to do what she wants. Since her mother has a new job and always stays late at the office, she isn't around to supervise Luz. That's when Luz opens the door to Mystery!

Max Waters, a New York Yankees fan who just moved to Phoenix. Max doesn't speak at school or anywhere, though he will sometimes communicate if the mood strikes him. Even in silence, his brain works overtime--if only everyone else knew what he was thinking.

Dwight Underwood, the class clown with a big secret that he can't share with anyone. No one knows what is on his mind...until he meets a very special librarian.

Miss Moon from the Mystery Club of Luna Drive by James M Deem

Miss Moon

Miss Moon, the librarian at the old-fashioned Luna Drive Library. She runs the Mystery Club...but why is she so interested in mysteries? Could it be that she has a few mysteries of her own? And why does she always wear a veil?


Mrs. Norolla from the Mystery Club of Luna Drive by James M Deem

Mrs. Norolla's hands

Mrs. Norolla, the white-gloved librarian at the Luna Elementary School. Her library has more rules than a millimeter ruler--and watch out if you don't keep six legs on the floor! Could she know Miss Moon? 

The scary man, who always lurks around the library. He says that he's looking for his mother. But who could she be?

You can download the original chapters of the book in .pdf format below:


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