Note to Teachers and Librarians: Please feel free to reproduce this scavenger hunt to teach students about researching, reading, and writing as well as about James M. Deem in preparation for a school visit.


DIRECTIONS: Use the information found in your library catalog to answer the following questions. Happy searching and Good Luck!!

1. How many different titles does your library now own by James M. Deem?

2. What is the title of his latest nonfiction book? 

3. Does your library have more than one copy of any of Mr. Deem's titles?

a. What is the greatest number of copies available for any one title?

b. What is the title of that book? 

4. Can you figure out the total count of how many copies of Deem's books that your library owns? 

5. One book by James M. Deem is about extrasensory perception (ESP).  What is the title of that book? 

6. The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose does not have a Dewey Decimal call number. Why not?

7. What is the subtitle of Bodies from the Ice?

8. In The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose, Christina explains that her parents named her after the famous poet, Christina Rossetti--but she never tells the reader her middle name. In fact, she dislikes it so much that she refers to herself as "Christina G-Word Rose!"   Can you figure out her mysterious middle name?  (HINT: The answer is not in the library catalog, nor in Mr. Deem's book, but you can find it in another reference source.) 

9. Of all the books in the library catalog, which one did James M. Deem write first? 

10. The last question is a personal opinion question, so you can't go wrong here. But you must answer completely to complete the scavenger hunt:   Which book by James M. Deem do you think you'd like best? Why?


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