James M Deem writes:

Hello, RSMS Students!

Sixth and Seventh Grades, I spoke about how I became a writer and why research and writing are very exciting. I shared my first story about green-eyed monsters from outer space. Then I decribed some of the books I've written, including Bodies from the Bog, Bodies from the Ash, and Bodies from the Ice. I introduced Lindow Man and talked about the backrooms of museums, remember?

Eighth Grade, I spoke about my most recent book, The Prisoners of Breendonk. I gave an overview of what life was like for prisoners in this Belgian prison camp and how I ended up writing the book. I told the story of Albertine de Houwer's doll (made by her imprisoned mother from her underclothes, before she was transported to Auschwitz).

FInally, I had a "meet and greet" with a number of students in the library. We had a great time talking about writing and publishing!

I want to thank Mrs. Griffard, your excellent librarian, for planning and arranging the day!

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