James M Deem writes:

I spent two days at the J. Sterling Morton High School District 201, talking to students about writing and researching.

At the Morton Freshman Center, I met with three groups of AP World History students as well as some members of the book club. I spoke about my book, The Prisoners of Breendonk: Personal Histories from a World War II Concentration Camp. I also explained how and why I chose to write about the Holocaust, beginning with my two other books on Kristallnacht and Auschwitz. I told you the story of a little girl named Albertine De Houwer, whose mother, Charlotte, was arrested by the Nazis.

Everyone received a copy of my book, which I autographed after our session. You asked really good questions, and I enjoyed our time together. It was a very special day!

I want to thank your exceptional librarian and staff--Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Ruiz, and Mrs. Kazda! Mrs. Burke planned and arranged a truly wonderful day for everyone involved!

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