James M Deem writes:

Hello, Lundahl Lions!

Eighth Grade, I introduced you to my research process by taking you on a trip to the bogs of northern Europe. I explained how I first came across Lindow Man, a bog mummy who died over 2,000 years ago. I wasn't out in the bogs. I also discussed some of the research I did for my latest book, The Prisoners of Breendonk.

Sixth and Seventh Grades, I talked about how much fun I have researching and writing my books. But first I took you on a detour to my childhood and explained how I grew up to be a writer. I described how I got my first idea to write a book and how learning to write (and enjoy writing) research papers in middle school and high school was a great way to learn to write nonfiction books! Then I explained how I research my books, using Bodies from the Ash as an example.

I also held a "Meet and Greet" with a group of students. We spent a half an hour talking more personally about writing and researching. It was a great session!

Finally, I want to thank your wonderful librarian, Mrs. Copeland as well as the students from Mrs. Green’s 8th grade extended curriculum language arts class, whose hard work this year as organizers of the Scholastic book fair funded my visit.

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