James M Deem writes:

I spent two exciting days with you to help celebrate Book Week.

I met with students in pre-K and Kindergarten, where I introduced the idea of ghost towns and then read a story from my book, How to Hunt Buried Treasure. Afterwards, you had many questions and lots of your own stories to tell me.

Grade 1, I talked to you about Egyptian Mummies (human and animal). Grade 2, I told you about glaciers and the bodies that had been found when they melt using the research from my book Bodies from the Ice. Grade 3, I compared the Iceman of the Alps to the bog people and explained how they were similar in some ways...and different in others. I introduced you to quite a few bog people mentioned in my book Bodies from the Bog.

Grades 4 and 5, I spoke about the fun of researching and shared some of my unusual experiences and encouraged you to do some researching of your own. Grades 6-8 I told you how I became a writer (starting when I was quite young) and how I got the ideas for the many different types of books that I write.

At the end of the second day, I spoke to everyone at the Primary Years Program assembly about the path I took to becoming a writer.I had a great time talking to all of you and answering your enthusiastic questions. Keep reading, writing, and researching!

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