Ghost Stories Introduction

I was obsessed with ghosts from the time that I was four years old. I was afraid that my house was haunted. At night, I sometimes heard creaking noises moving across the floor in the attic above me. And there was a strange half-size door on the back wall of my bedroom closet which was the perfect height for a small ghost to squeeze through.

I have wrtten a number of books about ghosts, including the novel The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose. My first book, entitled How to Find a Ghost was filled with stories and advice for budding young ghost hunters. A later book, Ghosthunters, was a collection of ghost and poltergeist stories. 

Despite my fascination with ghosts, I never managed to see one until I was over 30 years old. Here's what happened:

I saw a ghost once (I think, unless I was mistaken); it wasn't scary at all. I didn't even know I had seen a ghost until it was gone. My wife and I were visiting Richmond Castle in England when we were walking up an old stone staircase to the second floor of the keep.

At the top of the stairs I saw a woman in a blue dress walk by. When we got to the second floor, the woman was gone--and there was no other way down from the floor. I decided that she must have been a ghost (otherwise, how could she disappear?), though I can't prove it. Of course, she also could have been a figment of my imagination (a blur as I turned my head). Whatever I saw (or didn't see), it wasn't a terrifying experience; it simply happened.

I still like a good ghost story. Here are nine ghost stories that I have written:


Serena's Ghost -- a ghost story about a family that didn't know how to investigate ghosts.


The Ghost Detective -- a ghost story about a real ghost detective from the late 1800s.


A Seafaring Ghost -- a story about an accident on the high seas and a ghostly rescue


The Bleeding House -- a family's unsettling experiences in an old English manor house


The Mummy's Eyes -- a story that gave my own children major shivers for a long time


The Glencairn Ghost -- a tragic tale about a haunted house in Ireland


The Haunting of Abbey House -- an account of well-researched haunting in Cambridge, England


The Pleading Ghost -- a story about the ghost of a young boy


The Sauchie Poltergeist -- a poltergeist story from Scotland



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