Suggested Presentations

by James M Deem


I have given many talks over the years to students from grades K-12. The presentations I have listed below are my more common ones, but I am happy to to adapt a presentation specifically to your goals or even prepare something new and different, so do not hesitate to ask. Keep in mind that I can give four different presentations during a one-day visit.

Whether I am speaking to one class or the entire grade level, I am adept at keeping the attention of my audience. I encourage faculty and students to become involved in planning my visit, by sharing my books ahead of time and selecting students to introduce me before a presentation. I prefer to have an hour for each presentation so that I will have time to answer student questions at the end.

Follow these links for more information about the presentations I give:


Presentations and Workshops About Research and Writing

Presentations about my Books

Presentations about the Holocaust

Presentations for Younger Children


And don't forget to plan a complete day

Besides making up to four presentations a day, I often meet with a small group of aspiring young writers during their lunch period. Students can be selected in any number of ways. During this informal session, I encourage students to ask me about writing and talk about their own writing and any struggles or successes they have had.

If you are interested in this option, please let me know.

Lunch with students at Woodland Middle School in Gurnee, Illinois