School Visits by James M Deem


Speaking at the Pathfinder School in Traverse City, MI

SCHOOL AND LIBRARY VISITS. I regularly visit schools and libraries to speak to children and adults about writing and research. My presentations are intended to be highly motivational, so that children are encouraged to do more reading and writing and research of their own. Click here for information about the talks and presentations that I give.


Talking about bog bodies at Orangewood Elementary School, Phoenix, Arizona



GENERAL INFORMATION. What are my rates and availability? How can you prepare students for a visit? Answers can be found here.

 After a presentation at a branch of the Birmingham Public Library, AL



EVALUATIONS. What feedback have I received after my school visits? Here are teacher comments about my visits.

 Speaking about Pompeii at the Birmingham Public Library, AL



CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS. I also speak at conferences to students, parents, teachers, and librarians on a variety of topics. Here are some of the conferences where I have spoken and the topics which I have addressed.

 Reading one of my stories at Converse Middle School in Palmer, Massachusetts   Autographing books at Oakhill Day School in Gladstone, Missouri



PHOTOS FROM SCHOOL VISITS. Whenever possible, I take photos of my visits and post a page on my website within a few days to reinforce the visit. Here are some close up looks at some of my visits (you might get some ideas for your own visit on these pages).



INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL VISITS. I also make school visits outside the United States. Here are links to some photos from these visits.

 Speaking about Kristallnacht at the International School of Geneva, Switzerland