Rockwood South Middle School

Fenton, Missouri


Answering questions after my presentation

Hello, RSMS Students!

We had a great time recently! I spoke to each grade andI was introduced by some very kind helpers before each presentation.

For the sixth and seventh grades, I spoke about how I became a writer and why research and writing are very exciting. I shared my first story about green-eyed monsters. Then I decribed some of the books I've written, including Bodies from the Bog, Bodies from the Ash, and Bodies from the Ice.

I introduced Lindow Man and Senbi the Scribe (whose head was handed to me once), and I talked about the backrooms of museums, remember?

For eighth grade, I spoke about my most recent book, The Prisoners of Breendonk: Personal Histories from a World War II Concentration Camp. I gave an overview of what life was like for prisoners in this Belgian prison camp and how I ended up writing the book. I told the story of Albertine de Houwer's doll (made by her imprisoned mother from her underclothes, before she was transported to Auschwitz). For a look at another prisoner whose story is told in the book, you might be interested in Israel Neumann.

For other information about the Holocaust, you might want to read my books on Kristallnacht and Auschwitz.

FInally, I had a "meet and greet" with a number of students in the library. We had a great time talking about writing and publishing!

I want to thank Mrs. Griffard, your excellent librarian, for planning and arranging the day!