Galvin Middle School

Wakefield, Massachusetts




During a recent visit, I took seventh grade students on a 3,000-year tour of Egyptian mummification. I shared images from many of my trips to out-of-the-way museums that display unusual Egyptian mummies.

I began with photos of some pre-dynastic mummies and their coffins (which often prevented natural mummification). Over the 3,000 years that Egyptians made mummies, their methods changed as they improved their techniques. Eventually, however, the mummy case became much more important than the actual mummification of the deceased.

I also showed everyone a few photos of my encounter with Senbi the Scribe at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Most of him was inside a drawer, except for his head:

To finish my presentation, I showed many images of some unusual animal mummies, including this enormous crocodile mummy shown below.

I want to thank Mr. Pavey for inviting me back to Galvin, Mrs. Hartman for helping facilitate everything, and the Wakefield Educational Foundation which provided funding for the visit.