Treasure Stories


Do you want to strike it rich and find lots of treasure? It's not as easy as it seems.  Sometimes treasure-hunters get lucky, sometimes they make mistakes.  Occasionally, a clever treasure-hunter will do some hard work and dig up a treasure that took years to track down.

I always wanted to find treasure myself, especially some pirate treasure. I remember one morning, when I was in third grade, an adventure I created for myself. I went to our backyard with a shovel and dug many holes around our big oak tree. I was looking for a pirates' treasure chest, and I was sure they had buried one under our tree. Of course, I never stopped to think that we lived 700 miles from the ocean-- hardly a distance that pirates would travel overland. So I struck out. But I had fun looking (and filling in the holes later!).

Here are six treasure stories that appear in my book How to Hunt Buried Treasure. Maybe they'll help you find some treasure.


Treasure Story 1

The Ghost Town Treasure -- a story about three boys and the unexpected treasure they found in a deserted building


Treasure Story 2

The Red River Treasure -- an account about a missing treasure left behind by four bank robbers


Treasure Story 3

The Lost Treasure of the Bighorn River -- a compelling story about a lost shipment of gold


Treasure Story 4

Hunting for the Donner Party -- discovering information about past events can be as rewarding as finding monetary treasure, as shown by this story


Treasure Story 5

Treasure of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine -- a story bout one of the most famous treasures of all


Treasure Story 6

The Missing Treasure of Clifford, Colorado -- a tale about the missing treasure from a stagecoach robbery