Time Travel Stories


I enjoyed watching time travel movies whenever I could. I especially liked H. G. Wells' The Time Machine now available on dvd) with its green meat-eating Morlocks who live underground ruining the paradise the time traveler finds in Earth's distant future. Of course, Hollywood time travel is nothing like what scientists think could really happen.

And some people claim to have traveled through time--without a machine. I researched this notion in my book How to Travel Through Time. Though the book is now out of print, I've decided to publish a few stories from it on my website:


Time Travel Story 1

The Aberfan Disaster -- a mine disaster in Wales may have been foretold by dreams and premonitions


Time Travel Story 2

A Drowning -- a story of a vision of a tragedy in a past time


Time Travel Story 3

The Ghosts of the Trianon -- a famous story that combines both ghosts and time travel


Time Travel Story 4

Reincarnation and the Titanic -- could someone who died on the Titanic have been reincarnated later? This account discusses one reported case.


Time Travel Story 5

The Facts About Time Travel -- this account describes what time travel really is (and isn't)


Time Travel Story 6

Two Mistaken Ideas About Time Travel -- movies and TV shows may have given you some false impressions about time travel...like these two mistaken ideas