Below you will find links to stories that James M Deem has written. Some stories come from books that he has published, mostly from his earlier books for younger readers. Others come from unpublished manuscripts.


Castle Stories

The Siege of Kildrummy Castle -- a very short story about the aftermath of the siege at a Scottish castle and an unfortunate blacksmith

The Deadly Siege of Rochester Castle -- an account of one of the most famous castle sieges of all time

Master James of St. George, Castle Builder -- a short biography of the early career of Master James, considered by many to be the best castle builder of all

Beaumaris Castle, Master James's Masterpiece -- a description of the Welch castle, including its revolutionary but ultimately flawed design

A Few Words about Castle Toilets -- one of the most overlooked, but quite important, parts of a medieval castle


Cave Stories

Cave of the Glowing Skulls -- an account of the discovery of a Honduras cave filled with human bones

Floyd Collins: Trapped in Sand Cave-- one of the biggest and most tragic cave adventures ever reported

The Hidden Treasure of Lascaux Cave -- a visit to one of the most important caves ever found and now closed to most people

Six Months Alone in Midnight Cave -- an account of one of the most unusual--and longest--cave stays ever recorded


Ghost Stories

Serena's Ghost -- a ghost story about a family that didn't know how to investigate ghosts.

The Ghost Detective -- a ghost story about a real ghost detective from the late 1800s.

A Seafaring Ghost -- a story about an accident on the high seas and a ghostly rescue

The Bleeding House -- a family's unsettling experiences in an old English manor house

The Mummy's Eyes -- a story that gave my own children major shivers for a long time

The Glencairn Ghost -- a tragic tale about a haunted house in Ireland

The Haunting of Abbey House -- an account of well-researched haunting in Cambridge, England

The Pleading Ghost -- a story about the ghost of a young boy

The Sauchie Poltergeist -- a poltergeist story from Scotland


Mummy Stories

The Lemon Grove Girl -- a sad story about stolen mummy displayed at a California museum

The Curse of King Tut's Tomb -- a factual look at a story created by the rumor mill

Lindow Man -- how a famous bog body was discovered and what it told scientists

The Mummy on the Titanic -- the truth about whether a cursed mummy was aboard the ill-fated ship

 Elmer McCurdy-- the story of a bank robber who was turned into a mummy for profit


Time Travel Stories

 The Aberfan Disaster -- a mine disaster in Wales may have been foretold by dreams and premonitions

A Drowning -- a story of a vision of a tragedy in a past time.

The Ghosts of the Trianon -- a famous story that combines both ghosts and time travel

 Reincarnation and the Titanic -- could someone who died on the Titanic have been reincarnated later?

The Facts About Time Travel -- this account describes what time travel really is (and isn't)

 Two Mistaken Ideas About Time Travel -- just what the title says


Treasure Stories

The Ghost Town Treasure -- a story about three boys and the unexpected treasure they found in a deserted building

The Red River Treasure -- an account about a missing treasure left behind by four bank robbers

The Lost Treasure of the Bighorn River -- a compelling story about a lost shipment of gold

Hunting for the Donner Party -- discovering information can be as rewarding as finding money

Treasure of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine -- a story bout one of the most famous treasures of all

The Missing Treasure of Clifford, Colorado -- a tale about the missing treasure from a stagecoach robbery


UFO Stories

Three Types of UFO -- A group of mini-stories that describe the three types of UFO: the UAP, the IFO, and the TRUFO

A UFO Possibility in Montvale, NJ -- A story about a three boys boot-skating on a school playground...until a UFO lands (or does it?

Three Types of Close Encounters -- Stories that explain the first three types of Close Encounters

A Close Encounter of the 4th Kind-- A fascinating story about a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind

Four Tips for a Close Encounter -- Four suggestions, supplemented with stories, for improving your chances to see a UFO

Three More Tips for a Close Encounter -- Three more suggestions to help you see a UFO



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