ESP Stories


Not everyone believes in ESP, but I wondered about it when I was young. I wondered how my parents could tell what I had just done that I shouldn't have done. All they had to do was look at me and they knew what my crime had been. I figured they must have ESP-- extra-sensory perception, which might enable them to read my mind. When I was older, I spent time researching the possibilities of ESP...and wrote a book about it entitled How to Read Your Mother's Mind. I have my doubts about ESP, too--it just doesn't work the way we want it to (and don't ever waste the money to call a telephone psychic, no matter how nice and friendly he or she is).

Still, I have had a number of interesting ESP experiences in my life. One involves my book The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose. The novel is set in a fictional California town called North Klondike. In the book, Christina and her family move to a haunted pink Victorian house in North Klondike. After I finished the book in February 1994, I went to California and visited some small towns in the vicinity of "North Klondike"--mostly because I had never been to that part of California before. In one really small town very near where I had set the imaginary N. Klondike, I discovered a restaurant named the Klondike Cafe. I also discovered that this particular town had a Victorian house said to be haunted--of course, the house was painted pink! How could I have imagined these coincidences? I don't know. Maybe a little ESP was involved (and if it wasn't, it's still fun to think so!).

Another happened when my children were young. I was awakened around 4 a.m. when I heard (I was certain) the cabinet in the hall bathroom slamming shut. Next I heard noises that sounded like the Big Bird footstool (also in the bathroom) being dragged across the floor. I thought it was one of my children (it wasn't unusual to hear them in the middle of the night), so I kept listening.

But I didn't hear any more noises and that worried me: maybe someone was sick. So I went to check to make sure that my kids were okay. To my surprise, they were all sound asleep in bed. But what had made those noises? I knew there wasn't a burglar, because the alarm hadn't gone off. Then I thought: Maybe it was a ghost (after all, I wrote a few books about the subject).

So I walked through the house to check everything--and found nothing unusual. I went back to bed and fell asleep. In the morning I discovered that raccoons had gotten into the garbage cans next to the house. But at 4 a.m., when I had been awakened from a sound sleep, my ears thought that the noises were coming from the bathroom. This just shows that it's hard to tell what the truth is--even for adults! (If you've read The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose, compare the story I just told to one that Professor Barrymore tells about the toilet-flushing ghost!)

I've included a few stories taken from my book here, as well as a few ESP-type activities. You can try them out and see what you think.


ESP Story 1

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ESP and the Titanic -- this story looks at some of the reported premonitions, dreams and visions regarding the tragedy.