Castle Stories


I didn't really know much about medieval castles when I was growing up; I was more interested in ghosts and UFOs. But my son David developed an early interest in castles, and he taught me many things about them. 

Motivated by David's fascination with all things medieval, I began to research the topic of castles. Many years later, I have been lucky enough to visit quite an assortment of them all over Europe. One day I hope to write a book that reflects my own fascination with these unique fortifications. 

Here then are five castle stories that I have written:


Castle Story 1 

The Siege of Kildrummy Castle -- a very short story about the aftermath of the siege and the misfortune of a blacksmith


Castle Story 2 

The Deadly Siege of Rochester Castle -- an account of one of the most famous castle sieges of all time


Castle Story 3 

Master James of St. George -- a short biography of the early career of Master James, considered by many to be the best castle builder of all


Castle Story 4

Master James's Masterpiece: Beaumaris Castle -- a description of the castle, including its revolutionary but ultimately flawed design


Castle Story 5

A Few Words about Castle Toilets -- one of the most overlooked, but quite important, parts of a medieval castle