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The website of Author James M Deem was created especially for the enjoyment and education of children. It was first published on the Internet about June 1, 1997. Advertising content is limited to books written by the author and books/videos on relevant subjects by others. A link to is provided for all books/videos recommended on the website. The website is paid for and maintained by James M. Deem himself. Updates are posted periodically. If you have any questions, you can contact James M. Deem here.

Some supplementary material for teachers and librarians can be found on the website, as outlined below: 

Scavenger Hunts: a website and a library catalog scavenger hunt are posted here to help prepare students for a visit from author James M Deem

Stories to Read: a list of all the stories posted on this website can be found here

Writing and Research Acitivites: some unusual and creative activities, taken from James M Deem's early books, are posted on this website. These include the following activities:


Drawing a Treasure Map -- a lesson that teaches students to draw a treasure map

Burying a Treasure -- a lesson that teaches students to accumulate and bury (and later retrieve) their own treasure

Describing a Saucepan UFO --a lesson that teaches students skills of description in an unusual way

Writing a Mummy Report -- a form that students can complete when they are studying Egyptian mummies or other mummies around the world


Telephone Telepathy Experiment -- a creative way to teach the scientific method, but using an ESP experiment

Time Travel Plan -- a lesson to teach students the beginnings of historical research, from an unusual perspective