3 NBs of




3 NBs of Julian Drew.

Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1994.

Avon paperback edition, 1996.

Harper paperback edition, 2000.

Graphia paperback edition, 2004.

Schedule a School Visit with James M Deem


When I visit schools to talk about writing fiction, I discuss how I became a writer and the role stories played in my life. I share with the students samples of my early stories and journals (pretty embarrassing now, but enlightening for students). I encourage them to see that they can capture their own reality by writing fiction. I briefly mention The Very Real Ghost Book of Christina Rose and the Mystery Club of Luna Drive, but I spend the majority of my time talking about 3 NBs of Julian Drew; I read and discuss examples of character development. I also discuss how I get my ideas for writing fiction. 

I can give fiction writing workshops for small classes of students. If it is possible to schedule three or more days, I can also give students feedback on their own writing.


For questions or further information about booking a visit, please contact James M. Deem.