1. The basic number code is:


1 = I

2 = (no code)

3 = E

4 = H

5 = S

6 = G

7 = L

8 = (no code)

9 = P


The use of the number codes ends gradually. Most stop after the November 18th entry. The final ones (43 and 543) stop halfway through the November 26th entry.

2. The basic letter codes are


D = die, dead, dying, dies, dies

C = cry, cried, cries, crying

M = mother

F = father

RA = run away

H = heart

L = love


These letter codes are used throughout all 3 NBs and represent words that Julian cannot say (or write).

3. "And" is represented as "+" until the November 29th entry.

4. "I" (as a pronoun) is not used in the NBs (unless encoded as "1") until the November 18th entry.

5. Most words that express feelings (happy, sad, love, hate) are either abbreviated or encoded until the November 24th entry.

6. Evolution of "time and date" in NBs 1 and 2:


--before the November 18th entry, the time (no colon) and date are abbreviated and run together

--beginning with the November 18th entry, the time (no colon) and date are spelled out and separated.

--a colon is used in the time beginning with the November 29th entry


8. There may be a rare exception to any rule.


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