Nonfiction Books about Archaeology

by James M Deem


Faces from the Past: Forgotten People of North America

A book about the facial reconstruction of historic human remains found in North America

 "Deem's straightforward prose and consistently precise and respectful approach makes this exceptionally readable as history as well as science.... Impressive and fascinating." (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) 



Bodies from the Ice:

Melting Glaciers and the Recovery of the Past

2009 Robert F. Sibert Informational Award Honor Book

"Deem’s lucid account explores mummified remains recovered from several glacial locations. Deem superbly weaves diverse geographical settings, time periods, and climate issues into a readable work that reveals the increasing interdisciplinary dimensions of the sciences." (School Library Journal, starred review)



Bodies from the Ash:

Life and Death in Ancient Pompeii

"Gripping, vividly written chapters provide a thorough recounting of the eruption [of Mount Vesuvius]; a summary of the city’s rediscovery by archeologists centuries later; descriptions of chillingly lifelike plaster casts taken of Vesuvius’s victims; heart-wrenching stories about people’s last moments, based on information gleaned from their remains; and events in nearby Herculaneum. Well-chosen, graphic photos and reproductions complete this riveting resource. "(School Library Journal, Curriculum Connections)



Bodies from the Bog

"Deem begins with the discovery of a man buried in a peat bog near Grauballe, Denmark; originally thought to be an accident victim of the last century, he turned out to be a sacrifice victim from 2,000 years ago. Deem goes on, in an exceptionally well-organized and riveting text, to describe other early peoples of Europe and how they were preserved in bogs." (Booklist, starred review)



How to Make a Mummy Talk

"Deem's logical, thorough exploration of a compelling topic is liberally sprinkled withfascinating anecdotes. Well-organized chapters delineate the historical and cultural aspects of mummies." (The Horn Book)