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Ten year-old Christina Rose hates made-up ghost stories, the ones you find in books. That's because she knows what real ghosts are like. When Christina was three, she saw her mother's ghost the night she died in a plane crash--only no one, not even her father, believed her. Now her family has moved to North Klondike, California, and her next-door neighbor and soon-to-be friend Roberto Wing announces that the new house is haunted by two very creepy ghosts named the Widow and Hans Hanson. 
Strange things start to happen, and the ever suspicious Christina wonders if phantoms really do haunt the house. To investigate, Roberto, Christina, and her brother Danny team up to form a ghost-hunters' club and enlist the aid of parapsychologist I. Barrymore and the mysterious Madame Olga.
The club members find that everyone has a real ghost story to share--some funny, some foolish, and some quite frightening. Ages 8 & up.


 Table of Contents

You'll have to read the book if you want to know all about the ghost stories that the characters tell, but here's a list of all ten ghost stories that appear in the book, by chapter.
Most of the stories end up being related to the other stories, especially the three part locket ghost story that Christina begins in Chapter 1. What's the mystery of the locket? You'll find out at the end of the book!
Chapter 1 My Very First Ghost Story by Christina Rose (The Locket, Part 1) and My Very First Ghost Story (continued) by Christina Rose
Chapter 2 A Ghosty Dream by Christina Rose (The Airplane)
Chapter 4 Roberto Wing's Ghost Story(The Widow and Hans Hanson)
Chapter 6 Madame Olga's Ghost Story (The Irrigation Ditch)
Chapter 7 Professor Barrymore's First Ghost Story (A Cup of Tea)
Chapter 9 The First Ghost Story of John Rose (Highgate Cemetery)
Chapter 11 Professor Barrymore's Second Ghost Story (The Toilet Flushing Ghost)
Chapter 12 The Second Ghost Story of John Rose (The Locket, Part 2)
Chapter 13 The Third Ghost Story of John Rose (The Locket, Part 3)


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