Books by James M Deem

Published by Avon Books (out of print)

Ghost Hunters

New York: Avon, 1992.

Ghost Hunters tells true stories about real people and real ghosts. Read about their amazing and terrifying experiences and learn the latest ghost information from the real ghost finders--the researchers and scientists who have investigated hauntings all over the world. This was a paperback original with a great cover by an unidentified artist. Published by Avon Books in 1992, the book is now out of print. It contains some of my favorite true ghost stories. You may be able to order a used copy from Amazon. 



How to Travel Through Time 

Avon Books, 1993

If you think that time travel is something that happens in comic books and movies, this book will open a whole new world of excitement for you. You'll discover how you can live the thrill of sailing an old pirate ship, or jump into the future to visit outposts on other planets. This book will tell you about real people who claim to have experienced time travel--and give you some ideas on how you can make such a journey. 

Originally published in softcover by Avon Books for ages 8 and up, it was inspired by a long-forgotten book that I uncovered one day in a used bookshop in England: Practical Time Travel by Colin Bennett was published in 1936. Readers then (and now) were interested in the possibilities of time travel. Though How to Travel Through Time is quite different than Mr. Bennett's book, I wish to acknowledge the original inspiration.