I have spoken about Auschwitz and other concentration camps to thousands of middle school and high school students both in the United States and Europe, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland.
My presentation is based on my six trips to Auschwitz over the last seven years. I can also add information to my presentation about any of the major concentration camps (Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, Mauthausen, Dachau, and Neuengamme, for example) to give students a broader background about the subject. I have visited all of these camps and many more as I conducted my research.


Speaking about Auschwitz at Rossville Middle School, Rossville, IN

Speaking about Auschwitz at Rossville Middle School, Rossville, IN


My standard presentation first introduces students to the subject of the Holocaust: the years leading up to World War II in Germany and the origination of the Nazi concentration camps.
I describe how Auschwitz was created and explain its rapid transformation from a prison camp to a death camp. I outline the various groups of prisoners who were incarcerated and murdered there.
Throughout my presentation, I read primary source passages to illustrate what the camp was like.
I conclude by discussing the final days of Auschwitz, the fate of the prisoners alive when the camp was evacuated, the war crime trials of its Nazi guards and commandant, and its present state as a museum. I can tailor all aspects of my presentation to suit any curriculum.



My PowerPoint presentation includes many evocative images that I took when visiting Auschwitz and other camps. This presentation is suitable for students aged 12 and up who are studying the Holocaust.
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